Octopus in red wine with fan potatoes

A new era has started. We moved to Cyprus and we love the place. Therefore we will change to English as we will open our doors to our new Cypriot friends and all the rest of you are international. So we will write about food, culture and people in English from now on.

As you might know, we love Octopus. This special recipe I got from my colleague Chris. His mom used to prepare it like that and I was quite surprised about the result.

Use around 1 kg of frozen Octopus (or 2) and defrost for around 12 h. Put it in a heavy pot on a medium heat and let the juice come out with the lid on. After 5 min watch if there is still enough liquid and add 1 cup (200ml) of red wine, season it with salt and pepper, 1 bay leaf and 1 tsp of dried oregano. Leave it for 50 min and add occasionally put in some more wine. The octopus shouldn´t been completely covered but there has to be always some liquid in the pot.

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As veggies we will have fan potatoes, caramelised carrots and grilled aubergine. The very good think about Cyprus is that all veggies are grown on the island and are just lovely.


The olives are wonderful tasty and available in all kinds.


As veggies are not enough, we have great champignons stuffed with feta cheese, a touch of dried oregano, a splash of olive oil and some Maldon salt flakes – wrap everything in an aluminium foil.


For the fan potatoes cut the washed potato finely but do not cut completely through. Set some rosemary in and sprinkle with olive oil and Maldon salt flakes. This is not an promotion but I love this salt.


The veggies are ready to go into the often, set 180° C for 45 min. All you need is salt, oregano and some olive oil.

10op und galerie

After 45 minutes the veggies are ready and the octopus is tender now and ready, too. Chop head and tentacles into pieces.


Now everything is done and we are ready to serve…


Together with a nice glas of XINISTERI white wine we are ready to enjoy our first Cypriot meal. A piece of lemon and topped with sliced fresh coriander. Done.