Souvlaki & Hot Potato Wedges

It is again a lovely day and we haven´t had rain for 2 months now. We enjoy Cyprus very much and you can get more or less everything on the „rock“. The only thing I haven´t found so far is Fishsauce but I am sure I will find that soon. As my colleagues always tell me – „it was all invented by the Greeks…“. I am still wondering where does the pasta come from. Anyway. Get the feeling here.


As I am a big fan of a nice BBQ I will try my best kitchen appliance I ever had on the island. My Elag LeMax again. Made in Germany to perfection 🙂 Not that I am not a fan of charcoal but with my LeMax I don´t have to worry about heat. Turn it on, wait 10 minutes and it is fully operational. The best electrical grill you can get (and I am not paid for telling you :-)).

But first I prepare the italian „vino & pesche“ – just take cold red wine and put in some chunks of fresh peaches. This is a lovely summer drink with all the right summer flavours and smells.

1 sommerbowle souvlaki

For the souvlaki I have got 1kg of pork shoulder and marinate it in:

1 Tlsp dried Mint

1 Tlsp dried Oregano

1 stalk Rosemary finely chopped

2 gloves of garlic, salt/pepper

1 Tsp of fennel and coriander seeds crashed in a mortal

100 ml Olive oil and 1 glas of red wine.

Let it marinate in a freezer bag for at least 1 hour in the fridge (better over night). And here we go.

2 zutaten souvlaki

You can use whatever veggies with this outstanding dish as the souvlaki is really outstanding.

4 gedeckter tisch souvlaki

So we can prepare the table and in 3 minutes we can start. Put the LeMax on mark 11 and we are ready to rumble.

5 los gehts souvlaki

It smells like heaven. It is all smoky around me and this takes the flavour into the souvlaki. Like a charcoal grill but in seconds.

6 braten souvlaki

7 braten souvlaki

8 brutzeln souvlaki

Just brush it again with every turn using a mixture of 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice.

9 einpinseln souvlaki

The wedges are Cypriot potatoes. You don´t have to buy them freezed, just do your own. There are way better!!! Fry them in sunflower oil at 160°C until slightly brown and strain them in a paper towel.

10 pommes

Take a large, mature tomato and grill it from both sides. The high heat is caramelising the tomato and  develops a nice smoky flavour.

11 mit tomaten

To finish put on the fries. They will absorb the juicy flavour of the souvlaki and get very quickly crispy.

12 pommes dazu

Put some hot paprika powder on, salt and the hot fries are done.

14 hot paprika

16 pommes galerie

Top with some sea salt flakes and the tomato is done as well!

17 tomate galerie

And now all is ready for an indulgent souvlaki experience.

18 perfekt gebraten souvlaki

20 si mangia e beve souvlaki e vino

21 lecker

I wish you a happy BBQ. Invite some friends to enjoy the best period of the year. Summer is on!

23 perfect summer souvlaki

Giuseppina is excited!!! Me too.